Water Line Repair

Cannon Companies can significantly reduce your water line repair costs when compared to hiring a plumber. We have the tools, equipment, and professional team to get your work done quickly and right the first time.

We take of everything for you, which includes:

  • Free Estimates & Recommendations on repair or replacement options
  • Research city or county records for information that will help determine a cost estimate to repair or replace
  • Prepare estimate, and submit bid
  • Call 811 to locate all your underground service lines
  • Prepare all documents required for permit; Site plan, traffic control plans, submittals.
  • Submit permit
  • Meet with homeowner before construction
    • Discuss methods & procedures
  • Install/repair/replace water line
  • Restore area that was disturbed

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water line repair

Water Line Repair Needed? 4 Signs it Might be Time

Have you noticed anything odd about your water lately?

If so, its possible that you have a ruptured water line.

These lines are what bring fresh water into your home, so it is important that they remain in optimal condition.

If the line ruptures, you will need a professional plumber to repair it.

Here are some signs of a ruptured water line:

Your Water Pressure is Low

Low water pressure could be one symptom of a ruptured line.

A decrease in pressure could be caused by a variety of plumbing issues.

However, if your water eventually stops flowing altogether, signs often point to a break in the water line.

Your Bill Seems Astronomical

Another indication of a broken line is a high water bill.

A broken line will result in the loss of a significant amount of water, which you are paying for.

Whenever you notice a strange increase in your utility bill, it could be due to an issue with your plumbing.

You Notice Puddles in the Yard

If you begin to see a multitude of puddles in your yard, and it has not rained lately, you could have a ruptured line.

Puddles or soggy areas in the grass are often due to a broken pipe underground.

Your Water is Contaminated

A serious indication of a damaged line is the presence of dirt or other contaminants in your water supply.

When lines break, it allows debris and dirt into your system.

The water will look brown or murky, and you may even notice particles of dirt when you turn on a faucet.

This could be dangerous for your health, especially if you ingest contaminants.

Keeping a close eye on your water usage is a great way to avoid serious damage or complications that arise from a broken pipe. If you notice any of these issues, it is crucial that you call a Cannon Companies as soon as you can.

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